• Marta C. González

    Marta C. González

    Associate Professor, Computational Physics PhD, Stuttgart University 2006.

  • Shan Jiang

    Shan Jiang

    Postdoc, MIT PhD in Urban Studies and Planning 2015, M.S. in Trans. + M. in City Plan., MIT 2006 B.E. in Urb. Plan.+ B.A. in Econ.,Peking University.

  • Edward Barbour

    Edward Barbour

    Postdoc, PhD Mech. Eng. Univ. of Edinburgh

  • Riccardo Di Clemente

    Riccardo Di Clemente

    Postdoc, Ph.D. in Economics at Inst. Adv. Stud. IMTLucca, M.Sc and B.Sc. in Theoretical Statistical Physics at Sapienza University of Rome

  • Yanyan Xu

    Yanyan Xu

    Postdoc, PhD Artificial Intelligence Jiao Tong Univ.

  • Serdar Colak

    Serdar Colak

    PhD Candidate in CEE, 2010 MSc Civil Engineering, Boğaziçi University and 2008 BS Civil Engineering, Boğaziçi University, Turkey.

  • Yingxiang Yang

    Yingxiang Yang

    PhD Candidate in CEE, 2013 Master of Science in Transportation. CEE MIT. 2011 Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Southeast University, China.

  • Philip Chodrow

    Philip Chodrow

    PhD Student in Op. Res., 2012 B.A. Mathematics and Philosophy in Swarthmore College

  • Fahad Alhasoun

    Fahad Alhasoun

    Masters Student in CDO, 2010 Bachelor degree graduates in Computer Science from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Saudi Arabia

  • Brad Sturt

    Brad Sturt

    Masters Student in TPP and Op. Res., 2014 BS in Computer Engineering and the Hoeft Technology and Management Program, University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign

  • Siddharth Gupta

    Siddharth Gupta

    Masters Student in Transp., 2015 B.Tech and M.Tech, Civ. Eng., Infr. Plan. and Man. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

  • Andrea Cuttone

    Andrea Cuttone

    Visiting Student, PhD Candidate in Comp. Sc. Technical University of Denmark, 2013 MSc in Tech. Univ. Denmark and CS and 2007 BS in CS Università degli Studi di Messina

  • Luis Eduardo Olmos

    Luis Eduardo Olmos

    Visiting Student, PhD Candidate in Physics, National University of Colombia


    Doctoral Students

    • Jameson Toole

      Jameson Toole

      PhD Candidate in ESD, 2010 BS in Physics, BS in Economics, and BS in Mathematics, University of Michigan

    • Masters Students

      • Lauren Alexander

        Lauren Alexander

        Masters Student in MST, 2009-2013: STEER DAVIES GLEAVE, International Transportation Consultancy 2009 Bachelor in Civil Engineering, University of Texas.

      • Suma Desu

        Suma Desu

        Masters Student in CDO (2013-2015), 2013 Bachelor of Science in Math, University of Vermont.

      • David Gerstle

        David Gerstle

        Masters Student in Transportation (2010-2012), now: Caliper Corp.

      • Yan Ji

        Yan Ji

        Masters Student (2009-2011), now: PhD Candidate in Economics at MIT

      • Former Postdocs

        • Arda Halu

          Arda Halu

          Post-Doc, Physics PhD Northeastern University 2014

        • Christian Schneider

          Christian Schneider

          Post-Doc (2010-2012), now: Dymatrix Consulting Group, Stuttgart, Germany.

        • Vitaly Belik

          Vitaly Belik

          Post-Doc (2010-2012), now: Postdoc at TU Berlin

        • Pu Wang

          Pu Wang

          Post-Doc (2011-2013), now: Prof. in Transpo. Eng. at Central South Univ.

        • Students Collaborators

          • Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi

            Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi

            PhD Candidate in CEE, 2006 BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tehran, 2008 MSc in Structural Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

          • Gaston Fiore

            Gaston Fiore

            Collaborator as Masters Student at LIDS

          • Laura Vina-Arias

            Laura Vina-Arias

            Masters Student in Transportation (2010-2011), now: Senior Consultant at Steer Davies Gleave

          •  Visiting Scholars

            • Antonio Lima

              Antonio Lima

              MIT Vest Scholar, Visiting PhD Student

            • Carlos Herrera-Yagüe

              Carlos Herrera-Yagüe

              Visiting PhD Student (2012-2014), 2010 MoS in Electrical Engineering, major in Telecommunications Universidad Politécnica Madrid (UPM) 2011 Master in Statistical-Computational Information Processing, UPM & Universidad Complutense, now: Data Scientist at Traity

            • Marta Ferreira

              Marta Ferreira

              Visiting PhD Student (2013-2014), now: FEUP, Portugal

            • Charisma F. Choudhury

              Charisma F. Choudhury

              Visiting Professor (2011-2012), now:Lecturer at University of Leeds

            • Silvia Paldino

              Silvia Paldino

              Visting PhD Student (2013-2014), now: Universitat de lla Calabria

            • Merkebe Getachew Demissie

              Merkebe Getachew Demissie

              Visiting PhD Student (2011-2012), now: Researcher University of Coimbra

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